Posterausstellung Forschungsschwerpunkt Governance, Democracy, Solidarity

Governance, democracy, solidarity

Research in this key research area examines the change of governance in different policy fields, geographical regions and political spaces, as well as the corresponding shift in the form and function of social order, statehood and democracy. In this context, nation-states are regarded as levels of institutionalisation of democracy and as communities of mutual solidarity, e.g. in which solidarity has been established in the form of social security systems, and in which moral obligations towards mutual support exist. Under the keywords of new forms of governance, and 'transnational solidarity', studies focus on how shared identities, values and norms are changing along with massively increasing interdependence at the supranational level. Theoretical and political questions of democracy are another commonality of this key research area, as democratic structures and processes are also changing. These questions can be effectively studied by the interaction of the perspectives of social and cultural anthropology, communication, sociology and political science.



Ass.-Prof. Emma Dowling, BA MSc MRes PhD, Department of Sociology

Deputy Spokespersons:

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Bw. Dr. Ulrich Brand, Department of Political Science
Mag. Dr. Benjamin Opratko, Department of Political Science