Visual studies in the social sciences

Visual communication, visual politics, the visualisation of facts and of social relationships are becoming increasingly important. These social developments have been referred to as iconic, visual, or as pictorial turn. They in some respects have been studied primarily from a cultural studies perspective. This key research area takes into account these observations of social developments and aims to develop approaches oriented towards social sciences in order to analyse the importance of visual phenomena in current socio-political developments based on an interdisciplinary understanding of theories and methodologies of the social sciences.

The main themes that are currently covered include visual biographies, visual policies, the visual worlds of popular culture, local/global visual spaces, as well as the general level of developing theories and methods. With regard to topics studied, the researchers aim at an exchange across different disciplines in order to examine key themes from different perspectives, to discuss concepts at the metalevel and to develop an interdisciplinary teaching programme for students.

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