Illustration Forschungsschwerpunkte

Key Research Areas

The Faculty focuses on seven key research areas to enhance its profile. Researchers of all departments are committed to the advancement of the research areas, most departments are involved in several areas of research. The goal here is to promote joint research activities across different disciplines and departments, and thus investigate important social and societal challenges that combine the view-points of different disciplines. As different methodological and theoretical approaches are combined, it is possible to examine complex societal challenges in a collaborative research effort, and to make them accessible to social stakeholders. The Faculty’s strong points and established research traditions can thus be continued and enhanced, and innovative future-oriented research areas can be intensified.

Based on the evaluation of all research activities at the faculty and under comprehension of the fields and the Faculty's Scientific Advisory Board, the key research areas of the Faculty were redefined in the course of the development planning 2031 (PDF 2,12 MB).