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Research Ethics

The Faculty of Social Sciences supports doctoral candidates and researchers to address ethical challenges in the preparation and conduct of research process based on an online self-assessment.

Pre-screening for PhD projects

Doctoral candidates are obliged to do this online self-assessment in preparation of the public presentation at the faculty ("fakultätsöffentliche Präsentation, FÖP") in the form of the pre-screening for PhD projects. The result of the self-assessment is discussed with the Doctoral Advisory Board in course of the public presentation at the faculty. Doctoral candidates are advised to consider all comments received throughout the pre-screening.

Some departments additionally expect doctoral candidates to do the regular Research Ethics Screening for researchers of the Faculty (see below), before they actually start the empirical research phase.

Research Ethics Screening

Researchers at the Faculty (and at some of its Departments also doctoral candidates, who have successfully passed the FÖP) do the online self-assessment in course of the project development in the form of the Research Ethics Screening. This gives them the possibility to reflect on potential ethical risks, problems and challenges related to their projects and to obtain feedback by the Institutional Review Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences. They either receive a confirmation, that the project can be realized on the resarcher's own responsibility, or a recommendation to submit an application to the Ethics Committee of the University of Vienna. Based on Austrian legislation (2002 Universities Act) and the Statutes of the University of Vienna, the Ethics Committee is entitled to assess, if research projects respect the fundamental values of human dignity, liberty and health and do not violate any legal provisions.